Testosterone is a male hormone primarily produced by testicles starting around the age of thirty as men age the testosterone gradually decreases sometimes leading to symptoms of low testosterone like mood swings, low sex drive, and memory or concentration difficulties. High testosterone is closely linked to confidence, strength, and ambition which are predominantly male related. Although women’s ovaries also produce this hormone in small amounts it is predominantly produced by

Is there such a thing as too much testosterone?

men and is responsible for the secondary sex characteristics seen in men like deeper voice, healthy libido, maintaining muscle mass, hair on chest and maintaining energy levels.

Increasing testosterone has many powerful physiological and cognitive effects. Some of the effects include increased tolerance to stress, mood enhancing, and fatigue- reducing effects. Increased testosterone effects the body composition by reducing fat and increasing the muscle. It also has the ability to complete complex mental task aiding in concentration and memory. It aids in overall well being by reducing mild depression.

Effective ways of increasing Testosterone

Many men are turning to testosterone replacement therapies to increase muscle mass, improve sex drive and increase energy levels. High testosterone might cause several health complications like the risk of stroke and blood clots, prostrate cancer and other side effects including polycythemia which is increased red blood cells and may cause hormonal imbalance in the body.

Side effects of elevated testosterone levels: Anabolic steroids which are synthetic versions of male hormone testosterone can cause behavior changes, like rage, anger, and paranoia. The common cause of excess testosterone is testosterone replacement therapy. Side effects seen with the replacement therapy oily skin with acne, breast enlargement, prostrate swelling, sleep apnea, a decrease in sperm count causing infertility, fluid retention, decreased testicular size due to shrinkage, and increase in red blood cells. The testicular shrinkage and enlarged breasts side effects are seen because the excess testosterone is converted into female hormone estrogen which causes the breast enlargement. Some side effects of using anabolic steroids include high blood pressure, liver disease, alteration in sexual organs among other side effects mentioned above. How ever once the testosterone therapy is initiated the testosterone levels should be closely monitored to make sure that the levels are not too high because high testosterone levels may result in some negative problems discussed previously.

The behavioral symptom associated with excess testosterone levels is mood swings.

All the side effects can be mitigated with responsible use.

There might be health issues linked to excess testosterone. When there is excess testosterone there are few medical issues to be ruled out first like precocious puberty, hypothyroidism, or adrenal or testicular tumor. Working with a doctor and keeping a close eye on lipids and hematocrit can help in maintaining the healthy testosterone levels and maintaining a proper balance.